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What is Reiki

Handwriting Analysis

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese Technique for relaxation, stress relief and promotes healing. It is administered by the Reiki Practitioner placing their hands in a series of positions across the clients body. It is based on the idea that life force energy flows through us. When our life force energy is low, we are  more susceptible to get sick, feel stress, and fatigue. When our life force energy is healthy, we are more likely to be happy, well rested and feel less stress.                                           

How Reiki Can Help You     

  • Relieve Stess
  • More Restful Sleep
  • Lower Anxiety Levels
  • Relief for Migraines
  • Pain Management
  • Clear & Align Chakras
  • Aids in Mental Clarity
  • Etc.           

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki healing can also be sent long distance. Either across a room or across the world. The first time I heard this, I have to be honest, I was skeptical. Since then I have been doing distance Reiki with great success for 5 years.      Distance is no object for energy to travel. Just as your Internet, cellphones or cable TV. Energy surrounds us everyday. The Reiki Practitioner connects to your energy using Reiki and conducts a session just as if you were there in person.



Handwriting Analysis

What is Reiki

Personalized custom meditation/hypnosis recordings *Special $20each* 

100 Ways Hypnotherapy Might Help You…  1.Anger  2.Anxiety  3.Assertiveness  4.Assist Healing  5. Breathing 6.Career Success  7.Change Habits  8.Chronic Pain  9.Communication  10.Concentration  11.Cravings  12.Creativity  13.Death or Loss  14.Discouraged  15.Dreams  16.Exam Anxiety  17.Exercise  18.Fears & Phobias  19.Forgiveness 20.Frustration  21.Gagging  22.Gambling  23.Guilt  24.Hair Twisting  25.Headaches  26.Helplessness  27.Hopelessness  28.Hypertension  29.Immune System  30.Improve Health  31.Improve Sales  32.Indecision  33.Inferiority  34.Inhibition  35.Insecurity  36.Insomnia  37.Irrational  38.Irrational thoughts  39.Irritability  40.Jealousy  41.Lack of Ambition  42.Lack of Direction  43.Lack of Enthusiasm  44.Lack of Initiative  45.Lower Blood Pressure  46.Medication Side Effects 47.Memory  48.Mistrust  49.Moodiness  50.Motivation  51.Nail Biting  52.Nausea  53.Negativism  54.Nightmares  55.Obsessions  56.Obsessive-Compulsive  57.Overeating  58.Overly Critical  59.Pain Management 60.Panic Attacks 61.Passive-Aggressive  62.Past Life Regression  63.Perfectionism  64.Performance Anxiety  65.Pessimism  66.Problem Solving  67.Procrastination  68.Public Speaking  69.Reach Goals  70.Rejection  71.Relationship Enhancement  72.Relaxation  73.Resistance to Change  74.Restlessness  75.Sadness  76.Self-Awareness  77.Self-Confidence  78.Self-Control   79.Self-Defeating Behaviors  80.Self-Esteem  81.Self-Expression  82.Self-Forgiveness  83.Self-Image  84.Self-Mastery  85.Sexual Problems  86.Shame  87.Sleep Disorders  88.Smoking  89.Sports  90.Stage Fright  91.Stress  92.Study Habits  93.Stubborn 94.Tardiness  95.Temptation  96.Trauma  97.Ulcers  98.Victimization  99.Weight Loss 100.Worry

Some of the items on this list may require a Dr. referral.


Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

Offering handwriting analysis for businesses or individuals. A persons handwriting speaks a lot more of what your brain speaks. ... Anyone who wants to know Job canidates, themselves, friends & family better can use handwriting analysis as a tool. It can also can be used for self discovery & self improvement.

Who Would Benefit From This Service

  • Businesses looking to hire employees
  • Families or individuals looking to hire a house keeper
  • Familes or individuals looking to hire a care giver/babysitter
  • Etc.

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Contact us to schedule your session or with any questions or inquiries you may have. All prices are below.

Soleil Services

1420 East Los Angeles Avenue Ste 203, Simi Valley, California 93065, United States

(805) 300-0435 Text prefered due to the type of work I do.

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Reiki Services

Chakra Clearing

Full/New Moon Healing Journey

House Cleansing


Oracle Readings

New Moon/Full Moon Garden Parties (Intentions with Reiki)


All Major Credit Cards, Venmo, Zelle, & Cash Accepted

Custom Meditation/Hypnosis recording $20 each

Hypnosis $70 per session


Reiki sessions price varies depending on services  $65 - $85 per hour


House Cleansing price depends on the size of the home and time needed  $80 for the first hour $65 each additional hour, minimum 2 hours


New Moon & Full Moon Intention Parties  (refreshments provided)  

$35 if I provide supplies (crystals for you to take home)  

$25 if you bring your own (prior arrangements for which ones will be needed)  

Parties must have at least 3 people or a minimum of $75     

If you are interested in doing a solo intention , no minimum and no refreshments to be provided.  

$35 if I provide supplies (crystals for you to take home)    

$25 if you bring your own (prior arrangements for which ones will be needed)


Oracle Readings:  Can be done via email, text, phone, or in person. When done via email  you will receive pictures of the cards along with the answers to the questions.     

15 min  $25  

30 min  $35  

45 min  $45  

60 min  $60


Soleil Reiki has helped me tremendously over the past couple of years since I began seeing Leslie for treatment. I'll admit, I was a skeptic about Reiki initially until I researched the practice and had my first session. Leslie is amazing at identifying where I have problem areas physically, when I may not have even mentioned them to her, and she identifies Chakra blockages and effectively clears them after consulting with me about them, and assists me with what I can do between sessions to help myself. I saw Leslie regularly during a very difficult year I was having and I firmly believe that my sessions with her helped me with many areas of my healing process, both emotional and physical. In addition, Leslie is highly intuitive and can accurately pinpoint and pick up on things going on my life that she wouldn't have known about, but that helps her, and me, with the healing process or with keeping things balanced in my life. Sometimes her discoveries are eye-openers for me, in areas I wasn't aware needed attention. I've recommended Soleil Reiki to several friends, all of whom have come back to me saying thank you for bringing her into their lives. Leslie offers excellent pricing for what she offers and I personally wouldn't go anywhere else for Reiki. I've done both in-person and distance Reiki sessions with her and I recommend either for what suits your own schedule. She is very in-depth no matter what, and will call/text you before and after each distance session to discuss your needs/what she discovers during the session. I highly recommend her!

~ Jamie P.

Leslie has performed regular and distance reiki on me multiple times in the past. I don't exactly know how reiki works, I just know that it does. After each session she was able to give relevant feedback and every time she left me feeling aligned and recharged. She is gifted, intuitive and professional. For anyone who believes in this type of energy work, or even if you are a skeptic, she is one of the best. If you are feeling drained like I was, depressed, or even feel like something is off or missing, this is a great way to gain valuable insight. Highly recommended.

~ Claude B.

Soleil Reiki provided me and my family a much needed sense of relief during a difficult time of need. There were many ailments she help relieve with her Reiki technique. In addition to this, she let's call her S is a person that is a true healer. I know that she was put on this earth to bring people together and heal them. I'm happy to submit this positive review on the behalf of me and my family.

~ John M.

My 4 years experience with Soleil Reiki has been very positive. I have bulging discs in my neck and lower back. She has helped me manage the pain so I no longer need pain medication. She has also done Chakra clearings to help keep my energy aligned. She is one of the best intuitive Reiki practitioners I've encountered, in both distance and in-person sessions. I highly recommend her for compassionate intuitive energy healing.

~ Kathleen B.

Leslie is an a wonderful person and amazing healer. She's been working with me for a year and she changed my life to the best. I can't imagine my life without her healing energy and positive vibes. She is a gem.

~ Faten T.

New Moon Intentions with Reiki May 22nd, 2020 

Full Moon Intentions with Reiki June 5th, 2020 

New Moon Intentions with Reiki June 20th, 2020 

Full Moon Intentions with Reiki July 4th, 2020 

New Moon Intentions with Reiki July 20th, 2020 

Full Moon Intentions with Reiki August 3rd 2020

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